let me open your flower

ma poesie, mes odes à la femme, mes fascinations

let me admire your rose
and open every petal, one by one
that’s where my arrousal arose
last time your bouquet was undone

I yearn to smell it’s fragrance
unimaginably sweet
delicately, between my teeth
I taste your temptation in humid elation
let’s make our flowers meet

powerful noises
when our petals meet

let me penetrate your blossom, like a bee
you make my heart pump in my bossom
your open flower
wild and salvage power
teasing me, lushisly, hungrily

drops like pearls
dripping of off your shiny petals
Unto my hungry lips
and fingertips

Secretly I slide them in my mouth
and then let them wonder way down south
oh my lovely rose, pink and willing
making my life so thrilling
thank you for your gift of joy
and for being my toy


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